Snus and the Talking Dog

Monday, June 27, 2011
Get out of the way next time, Jerks.

If you smoke you've probably heard of Snus. Here's an excellent 60 Minutes report on it for those of us who don't. Smoke, that is. 

And if you're on the fringes of addiction, there are new products on the tobacco market. Dissolvable tobacco, reminiscent of candy cigarettes. It's never been so easy to get cancer. Just ask this guy

Does she really have crystals coming out of her eyes? And if she does, why? Is it magic? Are they worth money? Is it a religious miracle? In that part of the world it is notoriously difficult to track down the real story, but some would say that the father pushed those crystals in there himself. In any case, the magic has stopped. 

Pushing crystals into his daughter's eyes, sure that's nasty, but then there are these Mothers of the Year from our local California desert:

Sheriff's deputies arrested a Victorville mother after she took her 12-year-old daughter to fight another 12-year-old, officials said. Shawnah Foster, 31, took her daughter to a park near Burwood Avenue and Glen Canyon Lane for the fight, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Victorville station officials. Witnesses at the park reported that when Foster's daughter appeared to be losing, Foster jumped in and grabbed her daughter's opponent by the hair, pulling the juvenile away from her daughter and slapping the victim in the face, sheriff's officials said.

Gosh if only there were a video.

This. Dog. Talks. Amazing.