How's that change workin out for ya?

Friday, June 17, 2011
It’s been a fast three years since Obama was elected president, and the Hope has all but drained away. The economy is still in the toilet, people are still out of work, and China continues to buy up US debt, foreclosed homes, and is now flying pregnant women here to give birth for US citizenship.

Why not, everyone else does. Fucking 14th Amendment. It’s a free ticket to lifelong benefits on the back of the American worker.

Not that Obama hasn’t tried to jump start the economy. He’s got that Cash For Clunkers crap under his belt to help the Auto Industry, and he paid off as many banks as he could with government money, so they wouldn’t feel bad about kicking people out of their homes…

The American, beaten and downtrodden, yet stupid enough to listen to every celebrity, every politician who opens a can of lies. Because, these are our royalty.

Bullshit. If I wanted royalty I’d move to Saudi Arabia and beat women, smoke a hookah and strap a bomb to my chest. This is the United States, and we’re supposed to be better than that. 

What happened? Is it that we’ve mixed our population so thickly with Third-World shithole dwellers, that our gross intelligence has dropped? Probably. Is it that technology has so removed us from actual interpersonal, face to face communication that we’re more likely to believe anything in print, even if it just tweeted from some twelve year old playing in his room? Again, probably. 

Which brings me back to Obama. When Oprah said this guy should be president, the race was over. You can fight it, you can gimmick your own run with the likes of an idiot like Sarah Palin, but as we all know, 

 Oprah said it 
 You believe it 
 And that settles it.

I'm chillin on your money, 'kay?

So the recent revelation that Obama is okay with being a one-term president, is very okay with a lot of Americans. Not the, He can do no wrong because he’s the first black president crowd, nor the, You don’t like him because he’s black crowd. That is being simplistic and shall we say, stupid. People who dwell on that are racists of any color. The problem is, he’s a mundane president. Because he for sure didn’t have any goddam plans for making America better. Just Oprah-spewed bullshit. And any president who doesn’t want the job for another four years, doesn’t believe in what he’s doing anyway. 
The five-star Villa Padierna, 'Millionaires' Playground', where Michelle-O and her huge entourage stayed in Spain - 60 to 70 rooms had been rented for the First Lady. President of the People?

So go, Barack, have happy vacations with your happy children and Michelle who loves traveling on the US tax dollar while us regular Americans, your countrymen, are losing our homes and jobs. 

Maybe sooner or later we’ll get someone in there who cares.