Rodney King In Over His Head

Monday, June 18, 2012


Rodney King was on parole for robbery and driving drunk. He wouldn't 
pull over because he knew he'd get a DUI and go to jail. The police chased him with multiple cars and a helicopter for miles before they 
finally cornered him.

After ordering King and his two buddies to get out of the car and lie down on the ground, his friends did exactly that and were arrested without incident. Dumbass Mr. King, on the other hand, decided to have a total mental breakdown (probably because he knew he was going to jail for a long time). After acting like a nutball and nearly getting himself shot when it looked like he was reaching for a gun, King got down on the ground, but then started fighting the police when they moved in to cuff him (they hadn't landed a single blow to him at this point). He punched one cop in the chest and threw two other guys off of him. At this point, they thought he was on PCP, so they backed off.

What cops think of the PCP calls: They are the scariest ones. Dudes break their handcuffs. Dudes get shot 10 times and keep coming at you because they don't know they're dead yet. Dudes kill cops.


King refuses to cooperate and gets his ass tased. That doesn't stop him.

At this point, he's fought off three grown men and a taser hasn't stopped him. It's natural to assume he's on something, and they have no idea if he's armed. They then beat his ass with batons in an attempt to subdue him. It doesn't work. Dude keeps getting up. So he got beat until he couldn't get up anymore.

I'd say the officers were a little out of line, for sure. And the riots were probably a long time coming. The LAPD had bigger issues with the public (and still does) that really led to the Rodney King Riots - this scumbag just happened to be the match that lit the fire. It's too bad the people who'd finally had enough didn't get a more deserving martyr.

Maybe I should’ve learned how to swim, Whitney Houston
 Yes everyone saw all the symbolism on TV when they were looting and killing and burning, stealing TV's and DVD players while yelling "Rodney King, and Dr. King," while stealing and burning and beating people, but I'm sure they didn't do it for personal gain... I'm sure they gave all the loot to the poor in his name. It was all to protest, not to gain anything, that's why all the looting right? Right?