Sara Leal Photo Leaks!

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Oh, Ashton you dirty boy
Give thanks to Kabbalah, that didn't take long did it! How on Earth did these photos leak out over the Internet and beyond? We at Second Wish are beside ourselves with wonder. 

And such is the life of an attention whore living her 15 minutes of fame. Squeeze every last drop from your whoring stroke of good fortune (a la Kardashian), never question why people want to know anything about your dumb ass, and systematically leak cheesecake photos and, oh yeah, you know it's coming... the Sex Tape.

Well, anyway Sara Leal, good luck to you, convert to Kabbalah, bleed the Douche for whatever you can as he spins his own star into the blackness of whoring oblivion. We're going to showcase your one and only talent here with the obvious password of "attention."

More to follow, as long as the public thirsts for it.

Chicks with Big Noses dot com

A douchebag for every pretty girl

Demi, baby, it’s not like that… we’re just friends…

Bros before hoes: back seat bitch.
And after the 15 minutes:

Sara Leal Succubus

Friday, November 18, 2011

Clint had Sondra Locke

What the hell am I doing with this broad
Ellen had Anne Heche

Anything for a bit part

 Rosanne had Tom Arnold 

Whoa! Okay you earned this one

Demi had Douchebag Kutcher

Suit + Skull Cap = Douche

Can't eat, can't sleep, husband cheating

Letting some freeloading no talent hitch a ride on your coattails is nothing new in Hollywood or life, but it hurts just as hard if you let yourself believe it’s anything else than what it is.

So now, after a long stint doing nothing solid besides camera commercials, and I defy you to name the product, Ashton Douchebag Kutcher has landed a nice cushy job as replacement for the time bomb which was Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.  Finally his star is rising. Now he can ditch the old woman, right, and be his own man.

What will come out in the future, is that Douchebag had been cheating all along, and not just with the young little attention whore in San Diego. Demi Moore had more than likely been wary of his wandering eye, but it was after he’d been cast as the Charlie Sheen clone when Douchebag had had enough of marriage. He had used her up. It was time to believe his own bullshit.

I read a few reports of how the Douche had been scared of his wife, that she’d become gaunt, sickly. Easily explained, by anyone who has experienced it. She’s not eating and she’s stressed out, Douchbag, because you’re cheating on her. She most likely is hardly eating at all and only sleeps little fitful catnaps.

The pictures below are the ones making the rounds; I’m not offering anything new. Those will come. What we have here are a few Facebook posts of some 22 year old bleached San Diego attention whore who wants to “tell her story.” Allow me to sum up: Got invited to a party, found some horny actor, spread for him, wants her 15 minutes of fame for it. There. Saved you the price of the next edition of People. 

What we can be thankful for here, is that like the trio of users above, Douchebag Kutcher, after severing ties to the tail that brought him his undeserved fame, will fade to well deserved obscurity.

And not a second too soon.

 Sara Leal, Attention (and other) Whore

Sara Leal is my name! Hey! Sara Leal!

Stupid looks are stupid no matter who does it

No stranger to hotel rooms: Sara Leal

The Casey Anthony party pose. Uncensored link on this page.

Varicose buds

Medium priced San Diego hookers

I made it Mama!  

Kim Kardashian Back On The Market!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Then again…
Kim Kardashian announces that she wants a baby ASAP
Alyssa Pagano
We all know that first comes love, then marriage, but no one expected Kim Kardashian with a baby carriage so soon.
Just weeks into her marriage with basketball player Kris Humphries, Kim has already begun telling her friends she wants to have a baby soon.
"She wants babies. Let's cross the fingers,” said Lisa Gastineau, a family friend of the Kardashians, during an interview with Us Weekly, last Saturday. “And her mom wants her to have babies quick," she added. 

Wait... wait, that's the wrong story. That was actually moments before Kim Kardashian realized that marriage changed nothing, that she got married solely as a publicity stunt for her, ahem, "show," and that a crossing of a Kardashian with a nameless basketball player will not mutate into something that she will want to drag to her sex parties social gatherings. Plus, pregnancy makes you fat! -ter! No way, buddy.

But it's okay, Kim. 72 days of marriage will make for stunning TV footage. I'm already clearing my DVR of Walking Dead episodes just to make room for you.

Ha ha, no I'm not.

So in memorandum of her big, big wedding, let's celebrate the Return of the the Harlot with a few more pix. But hey- was she ever really ever gone?

Why did I repost this

14 year old slu- Kim

Halloween Kim!



What's that? You want to see more of the Kardash with no clothes? Well they're your eyes, and you made it this far. So I'll let you in. A little caution though, she's nude, and one of them is a gif image of this:

But it ain't a popsicle. So if you have to see it, go here, and the password is talent, and don't say I didn't warn you. Not safe for work, or life.

Welcome back, Kim Kardashian. Hey! Was your marriage monogamous, you know, limited to athletes?

Update 3/14/12 Kim can’t sleep and so gets up, puts on full makeup, removes clothing and tweets 6 million boyfriends this pic! Now, she plays the waiting game…

Nobody called me, mummy