Lindsay Lohan Playboy: As You Wish

Saturday, December 10, 2011

When I'm circling the drain, I'll let you see my boobies

This is it? Sorry, Hefner, been there, done that. Did the whole "channeling Marilyn Monroe" thing already, it wasn't sexy, it was just the only way to get this airhead to do a nude shoot. Hef, you just did the same thing. I'm hoping that these so-called "leaked" photos are a red herring, an advertising coup, and you have the real stuff ticking away in a vault somewhere, ready to explode.

Because if this is it, son, you've really lost touch. Small wonder nobody buys your magazine.

Update 12/14/11: Okay, so I wasn't supposed to host those on Google. My apologies. And one day after sending you to Imgur, the Web Police have that link shut down as well. Since I led you astray, let's just post a few Lohan Hawaii vacation pics after the Playboy cover. Fair? They're hella better than Playboy anyway. And if you absolutely have to see Lohan flashing her cups and pretending to be Monroe, follow the above link to the Superficial site.

Any problems with all that, email me at and let's talk about it.

Whoa! Caught before you could suck it in

Point to the douchebags with thumb and pinkie finger

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