Murderous Mothers and Hot Casey Anthony Photos

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Update August 11, 2011: Casey Anthony the Most Hated Person in America. 

Chicks who murder and get away with it, are about as plentiful as the ones who don't. The difference is, in most cases we don't know about it.

Kenisha Berry

One who could have but didn't was young Kenisha Berry:

A couple collecting aluminum cans found the dead newborn.

He was in a black plastic bag tossed in a trash bin in the parking lot of a Beaumont apartment building. Duct tape was stretched across his mouth and belted his tiny arms to his body. Authorities later learned he still had milk in his stomach.

Dressed to Kill Kenisha
As usual, when a baby goes missing or dead, the Feelers among us band together to toss Teddy Bears into a pile, light candles and sing Amazing Grace. They never found the baby's mother.

But in June, five years later, another newborn was abandoned - a girl dumped in a ditch on a country road. She was covered with hundreds of ant bites when a passer-by noticed her.

That baby survived, but similarities led authorities to link the two newborns to the same mother, Kenisha Berry, 25, who now faces capital murder and child abandonment charges.

So before we get to Casey and her partying following the disappeance of her baby, let's ask this question- if one of your children went missing, would you notice? After all, you may have more than one. Kenisha did:

Her first baby, Jasmeen Berry, was born in 1994 when Berry was 16. Two years later, she gave birth to a son, Quierstan, followed by Baby Hope in 1998. Then another son, Joskin Love, was born in 2000, according to court records.

On June 6, Berry delivered Paris Imani Berry, the child she is accused of leaving in the ditch.

Baby Hope is the one covered in duct tape and buried now in a pauper's grave. The rest of her children are now, thankfully, in protective custody.

The fact remains though, if she hadn't tossed Paris Imani into the same trash as Baby Hope 5 years previous, she'd still be out there, still be having babies, still wondering what to do with them after birth.

Because that's what crazy bitches do.

And now since you've asked for them, here are your Casey Anthony pix. More
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But the ones you really want to see, are here.

She's free and single, gents...

A College shirt is not a degree, Madam

Masks optional

Pensive Casey

And, inevitably:

Casey Anthony Offered $500K for Hustler Shoot

Mama's going to show her goods Baby, better times are ahead. Oh, wait...