Rihanna Plays in Hawaiian Waterfalls and You Don't

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ha. Ha! Young Rihanna, cavorting and playing while baptized in the sun and blue surf of Hawaii. Slip her a pia colada in between those beers, put it on my tab! 

Because pretty young girls should never pay for anything. They’re so wrapped up selflessly bringing joy to us, without a thought for themselves, and you would have them reach into their pockets to pay for their own alcohol? For shame.

She works so very hard
You, me, we’re just tiny pieces of wind-blown debris that may stick in her eye if she catches an unfortunate glimpse. She washes the memory of us from her mind with the pia colada I bought her. These pictures I share with you today, they’re not for you. Rihanna takes them for her own personal pleasure, perhaps to share with Chris Brown. Hey! Don’t disrespect Chris Brown. There’s love there, I think. You don’t know! You could never know!

Young Rihanna, swimming and playing and  prancing in the waves. She works so hard, so very hard, I love to see the kids run off to the beach when they can. They toss off their swimsuits under the waterfall, saying “Take that, Life! For I shall not be constrained by you anymore!”  Ha ha, you go girl!

Two more that Grandmother would get all upset if I posted here, though it’s nothing to you or me… Password rihanna

I need to work out, why are you looking at me? Am I fat? That’s it, isn’t it.

Take that, Life!

 All vacations must end. Rihanna tirelessly attends the Coachella Music Festival to study competition. She is very busy and must eat her lunch of grated cheese from the happy bald head of her bodyguard. 

 Back at home with Chris Brown. You don’t know. You could never know.

                    You could never know.