Awesome Makeup of The Future

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In the future we all shall smoke
In our continuing homage to the unrealized future of humankind, we offer today how woman may look if we actually did evolve past the Walmart shuffling, McDonald’s grazing, cell phone hypnotized ape of today.

For women will have a tougher future. If flying cars one day appear, they will have to learn how to navigate traffic, a hot latte, and a cell phone, while putting on eyeliner in the rear view mirror, and all while flying a thousand feet above your head! A six car pileup is one thing, 6 two-ton flaming hunks of steel crashing through your roof is quite another.
No more street thug eyeliner

But forget that. The real test of time will not be just whether we can manipulate the skies. Women will now have to compete against a never-before seen foe: the Android. The Replicant. The Fembot, if you prefer.
Star Wars marathon? I’d love to!

So women, hear this: you’d better start learning how to put on the makeup. No more street thug eyeliner. You'll have to learn how to challenge a robot for a movie date. Men will now be able to buy their companions in a store like a refreshment, and to these false girlfriends everything their beer-sotted date says or does is hopelessly sexy and cute.

 Feel free to use the next batch of photos as a training process, if you will. For we are entering… The Future.









Future girl is lonely because men date robots