Hot Katie Holmes? What You Smokin'

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who is Katie Holmes?

A nothing, plain Jane actress who married a Hollywood heavyweight, had his kid, talked like she was so in love, then popped him with a pricey divorce. Typical American girl career plan, actually.
Would you know Katie Homes otherwise? No. Of course not. She’d be like a long list of Hollywood wanna-bes, struggling through a few straight to video markets before giving up the craft altogether for something more lucrative- like a job.

But such was not in Katie’s plans. She knew what she looked like. Every night when she came home and removed the bag from her head, she’d look in the part of the mirror that wasn’t cracked and say, “I gotta marry me a successful man, because Girl, you ain’t got it.”

So she married Tom Cruise.

Is Tom crazy, with the Scientology and all that? Maybe. Personally, I don’t know Tom Cruise. I only know movies he’s acted in (unlike Katie) and stuff he’s said on TV. Now picture this- suppose stuff you’ve said had been recorded to be consistently thrown back in your face. I’ve read a lot of comment boards, and some of you say some really, really stupid things.  If you say it, nobody really cares. You go on with your life because you don’t always go around saying stupid things, right? And comment boards are as current as the one you see today. Not yesterday.

But you’re not an actor. An actor’s moves and speech is almost always recorded for the world to relive and disseminate and throw back in his face. Does an actor regret some of the things he says and does? Unless he’s Sean Penn, yeah. He’s human.

Deal is done: The Suri
And don’t throw that Scientology stuff around, either. It’s as valid as any of the other ones out there, and you yourself worship some pretty weird stuff, and so did your parents.

 So who is Katie Holmes? Simply a typical American girl. An actress, like so many, who found a dumb, believing guy and like the predatory female she is, hooked onto him, told him all he wanted to hear, solidified the deal with something we now call Suri. Then like so many, when the time was right, blindsided him with her real plan. The one she’d had all along.

Now, millions of dollars richer for talent she simply does not possess, we find her face on magazine covers and TV screens worldwide.

The successful American girl. We know who she is now, and it’s not pretty.

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Katie bikini:

Oh, Dear God! I promise never to do that again. Hideous. Sondra Locke hideous, with obvious correlations. Let’s try a different Katie, one more pleasing to the eyes, with obviously more talent.

 Aaaah. Thank you, Katie Price. Go away, Katie Holmes. You got what you came for. Go away…