Awesome Red Contact Lenses

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Take Dolly home with you
I received a lot of comments and emails from people wanting to know where to buy the contact lenses on this page. Well I won't do your shopping for you but for this post I'll include the sites where you can find them. Okay?

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Red Contact Lenses

 from Vamp Fangs

Laurence Fishburne wearing Gothika Theatrical Lenses from Marietta Vision in a recent episode of CSI

 Nike does not make the Vision Enhancing Maxsight as seen below any more, but you can find similar tints at Marietta above, or here at Adventure in Colors.

And about a million styles of red from You Know It


Red Devil
Video for this here


 Funky Eyes


Red Screen

Wolf Eye 


Dakota Fanning in Twilight New Moon

A Youtube vid of a woman modeling Dragon Eye contacts

...A woman modeling Red Devil Eye contacts

... A woman modeling Red Rim contacts

...Madara Anime contacts

... And Red Cat's Eye contacts