The Continuing Tales of Awesome Dogs

Saturday, July 2, 2011
From the continuing tales of Awesome Dogs:

not here, mister
 Treo the Bomb-sniffer

Treo is a retired member of the British military, and a decorated war hero. The black Labrador was a member of the 104 Military Working Dog Support Unit and served in Afghanistan. There, the trained sniffer twice found hidden bombs in Helmand province in 2008. Treo was awarded the Dickin Medal, the highest military honor for an animal in Britain, in 2010. Sgt. Dave Heyhoe was Treo's handler in the military, and the two served together in Northern Ireland before being shipped to Afghanistan. When both completed their military service, Treo went home to live with Heyhoe, who said Treo's action saved the lives of many soldiers.

Yet they overpopulate the doggie orphanage.

This soldier just arrived home from Afghanistan. Yeah. His best friend was waiting

A deaf-mute goes into a hardware store. He wants to buy a pencil sharpener, so he walks up to the clerk, sticks a finger in his ear and rotates his other hand around his other ear. The next customer is a blind man. How does he let the clerk know he wants a pair of scissors?

Sweet, sweet irony:

Q. How does Chris Hansen, the "To Catch a Predator" predator, tell his wife of thirty years that he's cheating on her?

Hey I'm over 18
 A. By getting caught on hidden camera, naturally.

He and his wife, Mary Joan Hansen, live in Connecticut with their two sons.

At least they did.

Getting caught with a 30 year old blonde in Florida, may interrupt that gig.