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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am Tippi Hedren

Who is Tippi Hedren? The actress from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, of course. Why mention her and fingernails in the same sentence?

Flew in her manicurist

 Because, back in the 70s when Vietnamese Boat People were fleeing a fallen Saigon, Tippi visited one of the tent cities near Sacramento. She noticed the Vietnamese ladies were good with their hands and flew in her manicurist to give them some lessons on basic skin care. Then, she persuaded a local beauty school to give them free lessons.

Run by pretty Vietnamese girls
And now, Dear Reader, we have coast to coast manicure shops run by pretty Vietnamese girls.

I tell you true

True story.

And for that, I give you this: Fingernail Art of Excellent Proportions.

Korean Actors



American Cash


A Youtube video on Chinese Roses Nail Art

The nail artist Jin Yu shows her nail art "Painting of Ten Tigers:"

The Chinese Opera

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Emo Tears Nail Art

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Japanese 3D

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I-Phone App

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Junk food


Yogi Bear

Celebrity Nails
Adam Lambert

Chloe Kardashian
Courtney Love 

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Lady Gaga

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Jordin Sparks

The Kardashians

Katy Perry

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And... The Lohan