Say 'Carmageddon' one more God damn time

Saturday, July 16, 2011
I dare you

The 405 is closing this weekend so CalTrans can blow up a bridge. For weeks now the media has been spewing 'Carmageddon,' and I hope whoever coined that damn phrase is making some money.  
News media has a very, very difficult time coming up with anything new though. They like their catchphrases, sound bytes, and to dig up old tired crap for filler stories.

But they're only part of the problem. With all the information outlets available today you'd think we could get new stuff every minute. But we don't. Same tired crap every day. Same news, same stories, same music on the radio. So I patched together a quick list of things I never want to hear again, in no particular order:

1. Carmageddon
2. That anything has gone Viral
3. 'Bang a Gong' by T Rex
4. The words Housing Market
5. That you're going to school
6. The words "President Obama"
7. Facebook
8. Crap you say about your kids
9. Anything about Harry Potter or Twilight
10. The World Cup

While I'm at it, it would be nice to never see this goddam thing again either:

Because it frightens me. So I have to imagine it as something less scary:

See, now not so bad.

Okay I'm hearing someone talk about her Mom having to go to the bathroom, and I don't want to anger the population by being in here blogging while they're working.