Murderous Moms: The Last Hot Casey Anthony Photos

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Why the last? Because I'm tired of researching this baby killing POS.

But before we get to the last, final, finite Hot. Casey. Anthony. Photos, let's take a glimpse into the past. Ten years ago. As a matter of fact, the anniversary just passed! Happy Anniversary, Killer.

Yates Family. Not pictured: murdered baby
Her husband at work, Andrea Yates had just drawn a bath.

On a double bed in a back master bedroom, four children were laid out beneath a sheet, clothed and soaking wet. All of them were dead, with their eyes wide open.  In the bathtub, a young boy was submerged amid feces and vomit floating on the surface.  He looked to be the oldest and he was also dead.
In less than an hour that morning, five children had all been drowned, and the responding officers were deeply affected.

Andrea was 36 years old and had given birth to Mary six months previously. Mary wasn't the last to go...

One by one, she drowned three of her sons, Luke, age 2; Paul, age 3; and John, age 5.   She put them in face down and held them as they struggled.  As each one died, she then placed him face up on a bed, still wet, and then covered all three with a sheet.  Each had struggled just a few minutes.  Next was six-month-old Mary, the youngest, who had been in the bathroom all this time, sitting on the floor in her bassinet and crying.  When Andrea was finished with Mary, she left her floating in the water and called to her oldest son, Noah. 

Soon to be murdered Yates children
He came right away.   "What happened to Mary?" he asked.  Then apparently realizing what his mother was doing, he ran from the bathroom but Andrea chased him down and dragged him back to the tub.  She forced him in face down and drowned him right next to Mary.  She admitted in her confession that he had put up the biggest struggle of all.  At times he managed to slip from her grasp and get some air, but she always managed to push him back down.  His last words were, “I’m sorry.”  She left him there floating in a tub full of feces, urine and vomit, where police found him.

Andrea suffered from postpartum depression. She killed them, and stay with me here, because the devil was inside her and the only way to save them, was... to kill them!
Today Andrea loves life from within a minimum security facility. No walls, no fences. She's responding so well to treatment, she may even be out by the end of the year. Free to marry, perhaps, and to try starting another family. Longtime lawyer George Parnham thinks she's doing just fine: "Talking to her is like talking to my daughter," he said.

How lucky he must be, to actually have a daughter that someone didn't kill.

Oh, one last word- I'm pretty good at spotting photoshopped stuff, and those are popping up around town. But this one caught my eye because, well, it looks like our friend Casey. It really does. You can see it here. Oh dear, it's kind of an adult picture, not like releasing a killer back into the neighborhood adult, but adult nonetheless. So you'll need a password... how about "babykiller."

And now, since you've been so patient, here are your Hot!!! Casey Anthony!!! Photos!!!

This stupid word bubble is because Casey uploaded this to her own account

TMZ says Casey is now in Ohio. These next few pix are from TMZ's website. Know how I can tell?  
Thanks TMZ!

self shot

What is this thing and how can I get rid of it

Oh. This is how you get rid of those things. Easy squeezy.