Sara Leal Photo Leaks!

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Oh, Ashton you dirty boy
Give thanks to Kabbalah, that didn't take long did it! How on Earth did these photos leak out over the Internet and beyond? We at Second Wish are beside ourselves with wonder. 

And such is the life of an attention whore living her 15 minutes of fame. Squeeze every last drop from your whoring stroke of good fortune (a la Kardashian), never question why people want to know anything about your dumb ass, and systematically leak cheesecake photos and, oh yeah, you know it's coming... the Sex Tape.

Well, anyway Sara Leal, good luck to you, convert to Kabbalah, bleed the Douche for whatever you can as he spins his own star into the blackness of whoring oblivion. We're going to showcase your one and only talent here with the obvious password of "attention."

More to follow, as long as the public thirsts for it.

Chicks with Big Noses dot com

A douchebag for every pretty girl

Demi, baby, it’s not like that… we’re just friends…

Bros before hoes: back seat bitch.
And after the 15 minutes: