Kim Kardashian Back On The Market!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Then again…
Kim Kardashian announces that she wants a baby ASAP
Alyssa Pagano
We all know that first comes love, then marriage, but no one expected Kim Kardashian with a baby carriage so soon.
Just weeks into her marriage with basketball player Kris Humphries, Kim has already begun telling her friends she wants to have a baby soon.
"She wants babies. Let's cross the fingers,” said Lisa Gastineau, a family friend of the Kardashians, during an interview with Us Weekly, last Saturday. “And her mom wants her to have babies quick," she added. 

Wait... wait, that's the wrong story. That was actually moments before Kim Kardashian realized that marriage changed nothing, that she got married solely as a publicity stunt for her, ahem, "show," and that a crossing of a Kardashian with a nameless basketball player will not mutate into something that she will want to drag to her sex parties social gatherings. Plus, pregnancy makes you fat! -ter! No way, buddy.

But it's okay, Kim. 72 days of marriage will make for stunning TV footage. I'm already clearing my DVR of Walking Dead episodes just to make room for you.

Ha ha, no I'm not.

So in memorandum of her big, big wedding, let's celebrate the Return of the the Harlot with a few more pix. But hey- was she ever really ever gone?

Why did I repost this

14 year old slu- Kim

Halloween Kim!



What's that? You want to see more of the Kardash with no clothes? Well they're your eyes, and you made it this far. So I'll let you in. A little caution though, she's nude, and one of them is a gif image of this:

But it ain't a popsicle. So if you have to see it, go here, and the password is talent, and don't say I didn't warn you. Not safe for work, or life.

Welcome back, Kim Kardashian. Hey! Was your marriage monogamous, you know, limited to athletes?

Update 3/14/12 Kim can’t sleep and so gets up, puts on full makeup, removes clothing and tweets 6 million boyfriends this pic! Now, she plays the waiting game…

Nobody called me, mummy