Don't Get All Huffy About It

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Getting huffy, as it were, can be a real problem in the workplace. You would think we're all in this together working for the common good, wouldn't you? Unfortunately many of us never left the schoolyard, where that toothpick chewing, cuffed-jean wearing bully owned the playground.

Bullying has been mentioned before in these pages but it deserves a revisit if for nothing else but posterity. There's a difference between a bully and a difficult person, believe it or not. Some people are just irritating, because, well, they're born that way. A bully is someone whose wish is to exert power over you. He is habitually cruel and overbearing, and makes the work environment difficult. A bully can be a jerk, but a jerk doesn't have to be a bully.

In any case, workplace bullying is way against most hospital policies. If you have an issue with someone, please 
see your supervisor before it devolves into something unfixable. Horizontal violence makes for nothing but a long day, in addition to raising your blood pressure, making you use all your sick days, and increasing your risk for migraine- or stroke. Calm down for goodness sake. Take a Zumba Class

And don't be a bully.