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Thursday, June 16, 2011
Can you swim? Summer is coming and you'll be at the beach. Maybe there's a lifeguard, maybe not. You may be asked to be the hero. You know your CPR, but what about when their lungs are full of water?Do you remember what to do then? Or, will you look like this. If you do, look for a quick exit when it's over. Like that guy did.

I'm kind of sick of ER. Seriously. They tend to think there's only one place and that's the emergency room. Well open your minds and hearts, kids. It's not all about you.

SuperNurse: About a year ago Reader's Digest published an article "50 Secrets ER Doctors Won't Tell You." Okay so in the middle of the magazine they changed that to ER Staff, not Doctors. So get to the point. One RN's quotes kept appearing and reappearing, making her at least in my mind, a Super Excellent Nurse. Let's look at some of her genius:

  "The busiest time starts around 6 p.m.; Mondays are the worst. We're slowest from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. If you have a choice, come early in the morning."

Okay, sounds reasonable. Mondays are the worst, nobody wants to work Mondays, I can tell you that. Or Fridays. Another: 

       "We like the rapid turnover, so we don't want you stuck in the ER while you're waiting to be admitted. If we wanted to care for the same patient for hours at a time, we would work on an in-patient ward."

Whoa, cutting a little close to home there, SuperNurse. Sounding a little smug. One more for you to get that foot out of your mouth:

       "Some of us are pretty good at spotting people who come in to score pain medication- especially if you're specific about the drug you want or you don't look like you're in that much pain but you drove an hour from your home to get there."

Brilliant. Thank you for stating the obvious; then again, it's the Reader's Digest. SuperNurse has been played today by Denise King, RN, of Riverside, California. If you pass her in Wal-Mart, say hey.

  And as always, don't forget Japan. Or their little furry friends. With their radiation leaks we all have something to worry about.                           


   American Red Cross for Japan
                        or maybe International Fund For Animals  
Your choice, but make one.