Friday, June 3, 2011

Breakfast, that important first meal.

Cryonics. You know- freezing the body, finding a cure, thawing out into Immortality. You can freeze yourself, or your pets, but you can’t do it until you die- there’s a law against freezing your still-living body. Cost is a relatively inexpensive $200,000 for the whole body, or a mere $80,000 for neuropreservation. You know. The head.

Ha ha, no we’re not talking about cloning, you fool. That’s not even relevant, though it was at one time. What we will do to you is cool your body to near freezing, remove the blood and replace it with a synthetic solution. The body is kept in the tank at subfreezing temperatures until the day technology makes reanimation possible.

When will that be? According to one cryonicist: “The technology of freezing is still very primitive, and advances may not be available for two centuries- if ever.”

However, Cryonics is not Cryobiology: the freezing of blood, corneas, embryos and the like, for use at a future time. Though Cryobiology has found that freezing organs like the heart or pancreas, renders them useless.

Point to ponder: In three cryonics centers in California and Michigan the remains of 15 people are on ice. There used to be 45, but 30 of the tanks leaked.

Ouch: Back in 1987 Saul Kent, a board member of Alcor Life Extensions in Riverside, California, brought in his mother Dora, had her head removed and frozen for later reanimation. Thank you, son! Wait… Dora didn’t sign a consent, and then there was that thing about maybe not being dead yet.

Walt Disney. No, really, you’re sure about that? In the book Disney’s World, an associate states: “My information is that he is frozen… And if he does come back, there’s going to be hell to pay. He wouldn’t approve of much that’s gone on at the Disney Studios.”
“Half the people in the U.S. are living on interest paid by people who will never get the last mortgage paid.” -Will Rogers.

Help me, because I’m puzzled by this math problem: If one car starts from New York at 11 A.M. and travels 55 mph, and another car starts from Boston at 1 P.M. and travels 60 mph, which car will be nearer New York when they meet?