How to Text and Drive

Saturday, June 18, 2011
I added these pictures as an afterthought. Dealing with some bitchy daughter who had some problem yesterday, put me in a good mood so to speak. She told me there was no organization on my floor, that she was going to lodge a complaint, that nobody could set up a wound vacuum for her father, the Home Health company couldn't tell her when the nurse was going to come, so she wanted me to call them and then call her back so she didn't spend all day waiting.

Guess what, she spent all day waiting. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, Madam, didn't you learn anything in school? And while that sinks in, consider this: Nurses are damn tired of being bitched at all the time.

I remember visiting dear old Dad in the hospital when he had his bypass, and I stepped out of the way when the nurse came in. When they announced visiting hours were over, we gathered ourselves and got the hell out. We respected the medical staff.

I didn't know we didn't have to, that I could have unloaded all my anxieties and fears upon them.

Wait, not then. Now. And after we take all this crap, we hand them a survey and a pass for a free Coke. Just don't say anything bad about us, in case Medicare is listening okay?

And go ahead and fill that survey out while you're driving home. Text it to me.

And that's how you say, "Watch out World, I'm tech savvy."