Whitney Houston's Final Choice

Thursday, February 23, 2012
I Will Always... Love You.

As predicted by the Mayans, Always ended on February 11, 2012.

Ah, the Music. Whitney's songs were the worst kind of mediocre tripe from the 80s Top 40 selection. On top of that, she had a reputation for being a horrible, self-centered, ungrateful person.

I'm sorry that she's dead.  But her being dead doesn't change the fact that she was a celebrity because of nepotism, nor does it change that she was nasty to people throughout her career or erase that she became a junkie.

My sympathies, but it seems to me this was the inevitable conclusion to her sad story.
People do drugs because something is missing in their lives. Drugs make the pain go away. Drugs give you the confidence to continue outputting and be competitive. Drugs help you to mask your insecurities in front of others... or at least, think that you are masking them.

Heath Ledger didn't die because he liked drugs a lot. Heath Ledger died because he was trying to self-medicate.

And Whitney... with what's coming out so far, she's an outright suicide.

Awesome… or Whitney…
I don't feel sad for her, or her family.

People have choices in their lives... what forms those choices take make people either awesome… or Whitney...

A poor person on the streets, homeless, who has had hard luck all his life; I feel sorry for him because in most cases, no matter what choice he makes, he is stuck there… and 8 times outta ten, it's not his fault.

When a person is handed something because she has a gift (and don’t get me wrong, she could sing alright) and she blows it by smoking crack until her brain turns to Jello salad?

Have a nice funeral.

She had unlimited resources available to her- she smoked crack...
She had friends and family who could have helped her deal with it- she smoked crack…

Most people with those kinds of chances turn themselves around.

She was a loser with a great voice. Today, she is another dead "used ta be somebody" because she made bad choices.


 Enjoy the next three months of tributes and frowny face botox hosts on E!

“I’m the Star. Not you.”

Life is good…

And then… Satan…

And instead of growing old cuddling grandbabies, your picture ends up on the front of the National Enquirer, as bored, celeb-worshipping housewives let their shock and disgust turn to fascination, tossing copies of Whitney’s “Final Moment” into their carts with their sodas and potato chips for Mom and beer for Dad, turning now to the next publicly sinking ship to watch and enjoy.


Half a million in jewelry and gold slippers? There’s your National Treasure. Buried 6 feet under the ground. With the people in this woman's life, family and so-called friends, expect that Treasure Chest to be dug up before too long. There are many- legal- ways to exhume treasure.